Quality and Compliance

The delivery of high quality, safe programmes with positive outcomes for learners is fundamental in our approach to delivery. Our team regularly receive CPD training to ensure effective learning and support is being delivered consistently across the business.

We have invested in training and quality systems resulting in our organisation being registered with ROTO (Register of Training Organisations) and RoATP (Register of Approved Training Providers).

SportWorks is responsible for the standard and quality of programmes delivered in its name and holds responsibility for developing and delivering programmes. Programmes and delivery undertake regular monitoring, review and constructive dialogue to provide the necessary assurance of standards and quality.

Our Quality Assurance Review Process data is based on learner feedback, internal and external audits and client and staff feedback. Reviews improve and progress the organisation, giving us the opportunity to develop and ensure that educational standards are high and that learners are supported to achieve the aims of their programmes.

Educational standards

SportWorks is committed to providing excellent education and training. We have high expectations, quality teaching, learning and assessments, so that all learners have the best possible opportunities to succeed.

We aim to achieve the highest quality of teaching, learning and assessment by:

  • All learners having the opportunity to succeed and be empowered to fulfil their potential
  • Actively promoting diversity and equality of opportunity
  • Providing excellent progression opportunities
  • Placing the learner at the centre of the learning process
  • The self-esteem and aspirations of all learners being raised through mutual support and commitment
  • Recognising and celebrating success


SportWorks is an approved centre with both NCFE and Sport Leaders UK which enable us to deliver high quality, internationally recognised qualifications.

“This is just a brilliant way for kids to get out and about – and to give mum and dad a break in sometimes challenging circumstances. “It’s always going to be difficult with mixed-ability groups, but the way they’re doing it here shows that there’s a place for everybody. It’s a really good initiative by Sport Works and it’s great to see it being tested so actively in my constituency.”

Richard Holden MP North West Durham


SportWorks aims to create an atmosphere where children, young people and adults at risk of abuse feel valued and safe, and a place where their welfare is promoted.

We will be rigorous and vigilant in protecting the children, young people and adults with whom we work from abuse, bullying and intimidation, including staff, volunteers and stakeholders.  We will do this through a careful recruitment and selection process, a whistle blowing policy, ongoing supervision and monitoring arrangements and guidance on appropriate behaviour.

Everyone involved is obliged to make sure that participants of all ages taking part in activities feel safe. They must report any concerns without delay.

All concerns will be taken seriously and acted upon appropriately, and we will pay attention to what children, young people and adults at risk say and feel.

All those involved in our activities will be made aware of this policy and of what to do if they have any concerns. There is guidance for those responsible for responding to concerns to ensure that all concerns are properly dealt with.

Our Designated Safeguard Lead is John Newton who can be contacted via john.newton@sportworksltd.co.uk

You can view our Safeguarding Policy here: Safeguarding policy 2022-23 v2

Customer and Parental Feedback

In February 2022 we conducted our annual customer and parental feedback surveys. We are proud to share the results below.

  •  100% of customers are very or extremely likely to work with SportWorks again
  •  100% of customers would recommend SportWorks to other organisations
  •  93% of customers either very or extremely satisfied with SportWorks
  •  93% of customers either very or extremely satisfied that our service meets their needs
  •  96% of customers agree we are extremely or very responsive to questions or concerns


  •  96% of parents would recommend SportWorks to other organisations
  • 82% of parents either very or extremely satisfied with SportWorks
  •  80% of parents either very or extremely satisfied that our service meets their needs
  •  84% of parents rate our delivery high or very high quality
  •  84% of parents are very or extremely likely to work with SportWorks again

Full results can be found here: Customer Service Survey results

Privacy Notice

We know that you care about your personal data and how it us used, and we want you to trust that SportWorks uses your personal data carefully. This privacy notice will help you understand what personal data we collect, why we collect it and what we do with it.

As you read our SW Privacy Policy, please keep in mind that it applies to all organisations operating in the SportWorks Group.

If you would like to request a copy of our policies please email: info@sportworksltd.co.uk

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