Callan’s Journey with SportWorks

One to one support

Callan started with SportWorks on the 16th of October 2017 at Misty Blue Farm in Middlestone Moor on the Nu Futures Study Programme, referred by Durham Works.

He came to SportWorks with very low confidence and suffered with social anxiety. Callan found it difficult to communicate with any of the staff or other learners on the programme. He would ignore staff when they tried to communicate and use inappropriate language and/or behaviour. Callan wouldn’t sit in a room with any other learners and found it difficult to communicate in social situations. He would become angry and stressed in social situations and made himself think he couldn’t achieve. Callan would become frustrated and stressed when another person tried to communicate with him, and he would react with inappropriate language and anger. Due to Callan suffering with social anxiety this meant he couldn’t get on a bus on his own so Callan got a taxi to SportWorks. However, Callan’s confidence started to grow with the help of Demileigh who was another learner on study programme and a student mentor. This mentorship started on November 2017 when SportWorks moved to AYCC in Bishop Auckland.

Callan’s Confidence and Achievements

Callan’s confidence grew rapidly and he became a lot more sociable within the programme and achieved a lot, including things he never thought he would. You don’t always need a certificate to show you have achieved something however it makes a difference to be recognised for your achievements, so we made sure Callan knew he had achieved something and that we were overwhelmed with the difference he had made in himself from starting the programme in October 2017 to finishing the programme in July 2018. Callan achieved confidence in himself and around others. Callan also gained Functional Skills Qualifications in maths and English and also a Level 1 Sport Leaders qualification.


Callan progressed onto the Princes Trust Team Programme, however SportWorks were still supporting Callan in his journey. Demileigh went to Princes Trust in Bishop Auckland to support Callan and to make sure he was getting on okay. Callan surprised us as his confidence had grown even further. Callan had been making his own way to Princes Trust by getting two buses every day and that was a massive step towards his independence. He also went on an outdoor residential for four days and really enjoyed it. Callan said that he was proud of himself for going as at first he did not feel confident to go, but he did! That was another big step for Callan!


Callan’s time with Princes Trust ended on the 4th of December 2018 and to conclude his time he took part in a presentation with the other learners from the programme, showcasing their 12-week journey. Mark from Princes Trust invited us to the presentation, so SportWorks sent Demileigh along to watch it. Demileigh said she was so proud of Callan and the struggles he had overcome and how much more confident he had become. Callan also received a certificate for his achievements with Princes Trust.

Next steps

Our next steps for Callan are to support him into mainstream college where SportWorks have enrolled him onto a Choices Plus programme at New College Durham. The SportWorks team will be supporting him throughout and making sure Callan achieves his potential, stays confident within himself and continues his positive journey. We are proud of you Callan, well done!

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