Children’s Disability Sport (London: Sutton & Bromley Councils)


Bromley Council & Sutton Council


Bromley Council & Sutton Council

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Project Summary

Two London Borough councils, Bromley and Sutton, contacted Sport Works in July 2020 to discuss brand new summer sport programmes which catered specifically for children with additional needs.

Recognising that the lockdown throughout Covid-19 had negatively impacted the health, wellbeing of children and families, our brief was to deliver daily activity programmes in each area which provided parents with respite, and children with time to improve fitness, regain confidence and develop new friendships.

An average of 14 children, aged 6-16, attended each day in Bromley, and 12 in Sutton, following referral from social services teams. Activities ranged from Athletics to Circuit Training, Yoga to Dancing between the hours of 10am-3pm.


Focus on Ability
Every child referred to us is special. And so each and every activity we deliver needs to be different and adaptable. We use a “differentiated” approach in every session to support children with a wide range of additional needs.

Develop Trust
By taking time to understand the challenges and anxieties of the parents and children who come to our sessions, we are better able to develop trust, rapport and deliver a higher quality service.

Work With Quality
Our work is so much more than ‘just’ sport. It is about nurturing confidence, enhancing communication and creating time to reflect. We can only achieve this by employing hard working, qualified and experienced tutors.

Wellbeing Matters
Whilst we are passionate about sport, our interest is not producing the next David Beckham. We simply want to enhance health and wellbeing of both children and their wider family, through fun, healthy group activities.


  • Enhance children’s emotional wellbeing;
  • Improve the physical fitness of children, assisting with weight loss where needed;
  • Work with other agencies to create a sustainable offer within the community;
  • Support the wider family unit by reducing anxiety levels of parents/carers post Covid-19;
  • Design group-based activities which develop communication skills;
  • Deliver provision at short notice, managing the most suitable time and place for families;

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“Great club, friendly and welcoming staff.”

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