Holistic Health Over 55s Stretch and Flex


Maureen Wales


Holistic Health


The programme was set up to work with over 55s to improve strength and balance mainly through seated physical exercises alongside providing time to socialise with other individuals.

The sessions we have included some physical activity including some strength and mobility exercises both seated and free standing, during this we have even managed to introduce weights and resistance bands as a mark of progression. We initially followed the exercises with some “games” such as volleyball, curling, Boucher, and badminton. The sessions always ended with social time where the participants would have a tea/coffee and an opportunity to mix with other participants. As the session has grown we have introduced holistic health approach providing information around diet, nutrition and mental health alongside the physical activity.

Maureen has ben attending out sessions since October 2021 over the 6 month period she has attended she has found the routine to be essential for her wellbeing both physically and mentally, the weekly sessions has given her something to look forwards to on a weekly basis, commenting on the last 2 years following on from covid it has been an opportunity to mix with people and friends again in a safe and enjoyable environment, both old and new. The exercises have helped to improve mobility in certain areas of her body, at 81 Maureen suffers with a range of health issues and relies on these sessions to maintain her health to the best level possible and enjoys the interaction.

Key Outcomes & Progression

As part of the SportWorks programme we aim to support participants at all levels to…

  • Improve mobility
  • Increase confidence
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Reduce social isolation
  • Increase community interaction
  • Strengthen and improve movement
  • Increase knowledge around nutrition
  • Increase awareness of emotional health

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