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Concept & Challenge

Women Today are a charity who seek to support the health, wellbeing and community involvement of the African Community.
Working with the SportWorks team, an innovative programme of physical activity and nutritional education was designed. The programme was structured to address low physical activity levels and unhealthy dietary choices which were evident in the community, particularly amongst individuals who had only recently moved to the UK from Africa.

Our approach

A 20-week course was split into 6-week mini ‘Boot Camps’, providing a non-threatening introduction to physical activity, fitness, sport and healthy eating principles. The course was the first of its kind within the community and was attended by just 6 ladies initially. However, due to extremely positive feedback and staff who were able to successfully motivate attendees, numbers grew substantially to also include family members, ending with over thirty attendees per week. Each week gave the ladies access to a different type of physical activity all designed to increase agility, balance and coordination. The participants gained a great understanding of the importance physical activity is in a daily routine.

Our aims

  • To increase fitness and health levels amongst a largely sedentary population group
  • To improve knowledge of healthy eating principles and identify low cost, nutritious recipes which reflected African cultural traditions
  • To increase self confidence levels in participants and enhance motivation to sustain physical activity levels
  • To provide an enjoyable, engaging programme of activity which helped new members of the community to bond and develop social skills

The outcome

This was the first time many of the participants had attended a ‘boot camp’ style of activity and many were extremely nervous and anxious at the beginning. SportWorks Head Coach, Ellie, delivered the sessions and soon became a great female role model within the group. The participants would ask Ellie for advice outside of the activity around healthy eating and nutrition. It was evident that the group took great responsibility to change their lives and families lives for the better.

  • 100% of participants increased physical fitness levels and were able to sustain these for 20-weeks or longer
  • 6 individuals joined a local sports club or gymnasium
  • 89% of participants reported that they were better able to make informed decisions regarding the buying and cooking of healthy meal options for their families
  • 400% increase in attendee numbers throughout the 20-week programme
  • 85% of individuals reported they felt better connected to their community as a result of spending time participating in enjoyable, culturally appropriate physical activities

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