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The Holiday Activity and Food Programme (HAF) in Wirral is targeted to children of the community who are in benefit of free school meals. With funding from the Department for Education, SportWorks along with 8 different providers delivered a range of educational, physical and mental health clubs.

At our camp; children and teenagers also enjoyed nutritious lunches and snacks, in between activities such as swimming, outdoor activities, team games, arts & crafts and lots more.

All children had the opportunity to try a new activities whilst learning a new skills. This also gave them the chance to develop their existing skills through the delivery and support of SportWorks fantastic and friendly coaches.

Our aims

1. Ensure children can be more active over the school holidays.

2. Support children to eat more healthily.

3. Children to have a greater knowledge of Health & Nutrition.

The outcomes

1. Over 12 days, Sport Works had a positive impact on 130 children in total.

2. 520 Nutritious meals were provided throughout the programme.

3. Children enjoyed a total of 48 hours being active and learning how to be more active and healthier.

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Approach and Impact

Ensuring all participants have the opportunity to learn and develop their existing skills in a safe and fun environment. The SportWorks coaches designed a daily bespoke programme incorporating team building challenges, invasion games, personal targets, plus designated areas for attendees to partake in arts and crafts and mindfulness activities.

The HAF programme, which continues to be delivered across multiple local authorities, not only allows children and young people to be more active, but also educating them on nutrition and how to live a healthier lifestyle. Along with this, our support extends to the families of those participants by providing resources on how they can also adopt a healthier lifestyle at home too.

Through understanding the needs of the individuals, our team of qualified and experienced coaches use their knowledge to also provide children and young people the opportunity to develop their values. With a focus on each session, varying from developing team work to becoming more resilient. All children leave our camps not only having fun and learning new skills, but also making friends and building characters.

  • Wirral HAF coordinator; Scott Halliday. “We absolutely loved having SportWorks be a part of the HAF delivery in Wirral! As each project comes along, we are evolving to help engage and attract more young people in the local area; our numbers were brilliant across Summer, and we have SportWorks to partially thank for that! Across our 12-day camp it was great to see the development and growth of all our children as they grew in confidence and resilience throughout each day, learning new skills and making fantastic memories along the way.”

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