Youth Endowment Fund


Youth Endowment Fund

The overview

SportWorks received funding from the Youth Endowment Fund for their ‘Aspire’ programme, an initiative designed to reduce crime and violence amongst 10-14 year olds in North Tyneside. The programme is delivered specifically to targeted young people living in the areas of high crime and deprivation such as Meadow Well, North Shields.

The ‘Aspire’ programme utilises the principles of sport and physical activity to provide positive pathways for young people who are involved in serious violence or crime, or who present a high risk of becoming so. ‘Aspire’ enables learners to gain nationally recognised qualifications, work experience as well as increased health, wellbeing.

Key outcomes

  • Deliver interventions aiming to prevent 10-14 year olds from being drawn into crime and violence.
  • Develop a ‘place based’ approach to working with local community partnerships.
  • Build partnerships with other funders in order to share best practice and learning while directing more resources to tackling serious violence and building a legacy beyond the fund.


As part of the YEF programme we aim to support participants at all levels to:

  • Access to volunteer opportunities.
  • Engage in other community programmes.
  • Sport Leaders Award.
  • Improve basic life skills.
Youth Endowment Fund
Youth Endowment Fund


SportWorks, like many companies has adapted how we operate over the course of 2020. We have adapted to the current circumstances, offering online support for all learners as well as still being able to offer face to face support. We have developed extensive COVID-19 guidelines and risk assessments in line with the government advice. This has provided us with the opportunity to start offering support to the YEF area.


The programme started on Thursday 24th September 2020 and runs several times throughout the week. SportWorks have engaged with 26, 10-14 year olds.

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